Tuesday, March 2, 2010

I'm selling my friends!

INNOvave is a cutting-edge email advertising site
that is not seen - anywhere- else. It is very engaging!

You got to be fast on this one though!
And there is good reason to be.

When you get started, you can get virtual dollars
by being active on your INNOVave Activity Board.

The more active you are, the more virtual bucks
you receive. You trade it in to email your ads
to members. It's easy to do, very easy, and
watch out! as you might become addicted to it.


You'll see. Get $8,000 virtual dollars today by joining


You can also earn *real* money of course!

It's kinda like "own your friends" but you can get cash for buying and selling your friends.

--->Fast Money Maker<---
--->Send Email Ads Free<---
--->Buy & Sell Members<---
--->Get Exposure Now<---
--->Unusual "Social" Tool<---


Thank you,
Tristan Ginnett

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