Thursday, December 16, 2010

Guarenteed online money / cash for nothing

If you get 1 referral,you get $60.All I did was do 4 "free 14 day trials".

I wasn't interested in keeping 3 of the "trials", so I canceled the "3" at the end of the "trial period".
The other one was to a magazine that I liked, so I kept that.

Total cost ? $2.96 . That was the shipping cost for the magazine.

Now I just refer people and get $60 a person that complete's their "4" free trials.
No catch, no gimmick.

You can choose a higher amount of cash,but it requires more referrals.The fastest way to the cash is only needing 1 can refer as many people as you want,and get $60 for every one,over and over.


Tristan Ginnett

You can do this site too,but you cannot do the same offers as the other site.

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